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Springminer.com is a trademark owned by Springminer, officially registered in United Kingdom and Canada. Throughout the existence cryptocurrency, our alliance of traders trades on the crypto currency market successfully using the symbiosis of many years of experience and advanced trading algorithms to obtain a high coefficient of successful transactions. The success of our company is due to the constant introduction of new trading algorithms using modern methods of data analysis and many years of experience. This allows us to constantly increase the number of working capital, generating a stable and secure income. As experts in the trade in crypto-currencies, we created this platform, providing almost unlimited opportunities for investors around the world for passive and safe earning .they also have their branches located at Russia, Korea and Netherlands. We operate in the world of facts, truth, evidence, and science – not superstition when it comes to caring for your wealth. That’s why we have crafted an award-winning planning and advice service. One that will provide you with the clarity and understanding you desire and that gives you the reassurance that all your important financial issues are being fully taken care of by a team you trust. We offer three service levels at three flat fees, it’s as simple as that. No hidden costs, no confusing percentages to calculate and no commissions to muddy the waters. Welcome to the world of Springminer.com

We Trade In:

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Agriculture
  • Real Estate
  • annabis
  • Oil & Gas Engineering
  • Retirement & insurance